Lab for you is a premium homecare brand for various skin concerns. 

We are developing skincare lines that help various skin concerns, such as irritated skin caused by external damage such as dermatological procedures and sensitive, problematic skin that is difficult to select cosmetic products. With this product power alone, Lab for you has been steadily growing by entering major dermatology clinics nationwide after the brand launch. 

Just few days use of cosmetics doesn’t bring miracle. Rather than deluding by emphasizing just fast effects, we value the honest amount of ingredients that bring effects and the combination of ingredients that creates synergy.

Our Promise

Allergen free 

Lab for you do not use any of the 26 cosmetic allergen ingredients announced by the KFDA 

20 FREE prescriptions for sensitive and irritated skin 

Lab for you promise not to use the most to be avoided ingredient listed in the book "Secret of Korean Cosmetics" 


EWG Green Grade

Lab for you only uses ingredients within the EWG green rating for all products.


Patent & Research papers

Through research on cosmetics ingredients, patents are held, papers are published in academic journals, and better ingredients and formulations are constantly studied.


Dermatology tested

All Lab for you products passed primary stimulus patch test.