Multi-Ex Cleansing Foam

| Low pH Cleanser |  150ml/5.07fl.oz

Automatically forms bubbles when applied to skin and meets oxygen

similar to healthy skin’s natural pH balance to gently cleanses and nourishes your skin while protecting your skin’s acid mantle

 Contains;  Multi Ex Bsasm,  Chamomile oil,

natural surfactant Decyl Glucoside
Oxygen Bubble | Sulfate FREE | Dermatology Tested | 

pH Balancing

Multi-Ex Repair Cream

| Dual Function | 100ml/3.3fl.oz

Lightweight moisturizer with KFDA approved 

brightening and anti-aging dual function


Contains; Multi Ex Bsasm, Witch Hazel Water, 9GF
Dermatology Tested | EWG Green Grade

Multi-Ex A.C. Cream

| Spot Treatment | 20ml/0.67fl.oz

Gel type spot treatment cream to calm sensitive skin and reduces redness. Apply to troubled area multiple times throughout the day

Contains;  Multi Ex Bsasm, Tea tree leaf oil, 

Allantoin, Aloe Vera
Dermatology Tested | EWG Green Grade

Multi-Ex Repair Sunblock

[SPF50+PA++++] 60ml/2.02fl.oz

100% physical (mineral) sunblock

gentle on the skin but works strongly against UV rays


Contains; 5 types of Cica ingredients 

and layers of hyaloronic acids
For dry and sensitive skin | Dermatology Tested 

Reef friendly formula

Multi-Ex Intensive Repair

| Anti-aging functional | 70ml/2.36fl.oz

High concentrations of madecasoside and dipanthenol help calm skin and strengthen skin barriers

Contains; Madecassoside, Dipanthenol

Dermatology Tested | Fragrance Free |